Month: June 2006

To Paris!

I’m actually ‘on my trip’ now. I left Logan last night at 6:30 and got to Philly where I managed to get on a bumped list, and so now I’m hanging out in Phily for the day and then going

The 2005-2006 OUtlET Valence Awards

Well I just got back from this truly awesome event, and here’s how they described it themselves: Valence – a scientific term used in chemistry to describe electrons in the outermost orbit. Valence electrons are used by atoms in chemical

Looking for something to do tonight?

Come check out OUtlET Magazine‘s Two Year Anniversary. From 7-9pm at the Revolving Museum there will be the 2nd Annual Valence Awards Ceremony, honoring various influential community members (we’re getting one!), with Performances by Donny McHale and No Pilots, No