Month: March 2008

Free time? What’s that? – Hanoi – Day 2

When days start to feel like weeks and a week seems like a lifetime ago, you begin to realize how fast your actually moving. Add to this that I started this trip with a horrible cough, that has progress to

Catching Up ( Part 2 – Kuala Lumpur – Day 1 )

After parting ways with Nazir, we took a ferry over to the mainland an waited for our sleeper train. The heat, lack of solid sleep, walking, and jet lag were really starting to wear on us, so we kept nodding

Catching Up ( Part 1 – Penang )

Ok. So the traveling finally begins and the posting falls off. Nothing new. We’ve been in Malaysia for 3 days now and are on a sleeper train headed for Singapore. I’ll try to do the last few days justice, but