Good Bye Cecropia

Today was my last day at Cecropia. It was hard to leave. The work was enjoyable and the people were great, but it had to be done. I leave in just 3 weeks and change and still have done less than 500 miles of training. Hopefull I won’t have to spend much more than the next week on school work and wrapping things up and then I can start doing some serious training. I want to be doing atlest 50 miles a day every day, rain or shine, with hopefully two or three overnighters in there. So, everyone at Cecropia, I’ll miss you, but hopefully you’ll be able to stay up to speed on where I am via this and I lookforward to reading your replies to some of my posts.

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  1. Matt, its great to see you still do so much kicking rad stuff. I hope you have a great trip.

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