Things are coming together.

With eight days left till I leave, things are starting to come together, but not with out some bumps along the way of course. Last weekend I lost my wallet, only to have it found at a friend’s place 3 days later. This was unfortunatly a few hours after I had cancelled all of my credit cards. Now I’m just hoping that they all come back in before I leave for Maine this Friday.

I’ve ordered all of the last minute gear that I wanted, which should be in some time this week. My parents wanted to buy a camping stove so they picked out a MSR Wisperlight, which is actually the same stove that I already have, but I convinced them to trade their new one with me so I could buy the Wisperlight Int. model which will run off of anything from gasoline to paint thinner, which will make buying fuel easier for my trip. I also got a Cannondale bag for my bike to keep the stuff that I’ll use during the day in (lunch, maps, camera, etc).

I’m also going through my room, trying to put away stuff from college, pack stuff up for my apartment in September, and pack the stuff for my trip. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to go on a few good rides with all my gear before the actual trip but that’s looking more and more slim as the days go on as I’m trying to hang out with as many of my friends as possible before I go.

I’m also starting to plan my trip out a little bit more so that people can either ride with me or meet up with me and camp out while I’m still in the area. I’m going to be leaving from York, ME on Tuesday, May 31st and hopefully ending that day a little over 50 miles away at Hidden Valley Campground in Derry, NH. This is a campground listed on the set of maps I bought so hopefully it will work out, but from the looks of the website its mostly an RV campsite. I’m just hoping that they do take campers as well, and if not that this isn’t a sign of the quality of the maps I got.

I should be posting the next two or three camping spots in the next day or two so check back and let me know if you want to meet up with me so I can make the proper reservations.

So this should wrap up this late night ramble. Hopefully this will all still make sense in the morning.

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