The Legend of Zelda

Well I did it! For the first time ever I succesfully completed the entire game. Like many others I had beaten Gannon in the first quest several times but then gave up or lost interest in playing the 2nd Quest. I did it this time in a short amount of time, beating the first quest in about 3 sittings each no more than 2 hours a piece and the 2nd Quest in maybe 4 sittings. I couldn’t have made it though the 2nd Quest though with out the use of the Under World Maps I found at Mikes RPG Center. Unfortunatly his map of the Over World in the 2nd Quest wasn’t all that great so I used the one i found at This is definatly my favorite game of all time, although I wonder if I’ll still keep going back to it now that I know I’ve beaten every portion of it. Maybe I’ll now need to complete the Swordless Quest.

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