First stop.

Well today is going A LOT better than Tuesday! While I did manage to leave both of my water bottles at home, I’m at least on the road now and on my way. I’m 19.5 miles and taking this break under a nice shady tree in Stratnum, NH. Life is good.

I’d I could only tell you one thing about this morning, it’d be that NH has a lot of up hills. It probably ha about as many down hills but there always seems to be a hazard at the bottom of them. The first had a grated bridge, which I thought I’d be used to from riding them in Lowell, but these are a much different beast with the trailer. I’m not looking forward to crossing many of these. The next two had railroad tracks and traffic lights. Lesson learned: take it easy and enjoy the down hills, its not worth working both sides of the hill.

Other than that grated bridge, the trailer has been working great. I definitely noticed it the first 3 miles, but after that I didn’t notice it until I noticed that I didn’t notice it (if that makes sense). It’s still a heavy beast. I didn’t weight it again, but it’s definitely still over 50 lbs. probably closer to 60 (this sounds familiar, did I include this in last night’s post? I can’t remember.).

Well this should be good for now. I’m going to finish up this peanut butter tortilla, buy two bottles of water and carry on. I’ll probably not post at lunch (this is breakfast #2), but I will post again after dinner/before bed. Till then!!

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