Well, I did it. I made my goal of Hidden Vally campground. Unfortunatly, the price was $27/night for a tent site that didn’t even have water. The lady working the office was supper sweet though and called around to all the other campgrounds and found me the cheapest spot. There was and old man there also, working the golf shack who was also awesome. He came over and taked to while I ate my ‘medium’ ice cream (the lady at the camp store waw also very nice) and gave me a free bottle of water before I left.

The campsite I’m at now is also pretty nice. Its run by a lady and her father, both of whom are very pleasent. They keep the place very clean, and it has a nice lake, which I went swimming in. You had to pay 25ยข for 5 minutes in the shower but it was definatly the best quarter I’d spent all day. I cooked dinner and then wrote in my journal till almost sunset and then wrapped up all my gear and got ready for bed. I’m in my bivy sack now, ready to pass out, but I figured I’d make one more post since I promised I would. So that’s about it for now. More tomorrow!

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