Good snooze!

I just woke up from about an hour long nap (I’ve been taking these more to avoid the heat than to sleep). I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to hang out here so I stopped at the first shady spot and just waved nicely at everyone who passed by. No one gave me any weird looks so I took it as a sing that it was ok. I woke up a few minutes ago and had a nice conversation with Dan L. (I was still half asleep when I got his name so his last name escapes me right now.). He was the Director of Operations here and was just coming by to check that things were ok. He was a real nice guy and a cycler too. He told me about a trek he did from Boston to Oxford, ME (which is just two towns away from where my family’s cottage is). We then talked about biking some more and it turns out we both ride the same loop in Lowell that I used to train on. (It reminded me the pin my mom gave my gave me from Disneyland “It’s a small world after all.’).

Well now its off to Lowell to visit Career Services and then to Cecropia (if anyone’s still around by that point) and then to home for a good night’s sleep and a rest day.

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