Home Sweet Home

I made it. Maine to Woburn in 2 days isn’t too bad. I should remember this, it’d be a good weekend trip. When I’m in better shape, like after I’m done with this trip, I should look into riding from my cottage in Harrison to my house in Woburn in a weekend.

My mom had read my post earlier so she was sitting at the kitchen table with her fingers crossed hoping I’d be coming here tonight, and she got her wish. She washed my laundry for me and picked up a steak from the Outback for me. IT WAS DELICIOUS!

I’ve already told most of my stories to my parents and I’m tired so I’m not going to go over them again, so this is it for now. Tomorrow is a break day (which was the deciding factor for coming to Woburn, instead of Hudson), so if anyone wants to hang out in the day time give me a call. I’m going to bed early tomorrow to get ready to head out again so call it early if your going to call it.

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