Mosquitoes!! I’m at a Littleton Conservation area and they’re EATING ME ALIVE!!!

Other than that this morning is going good. My mom surprised me and did very well (she even passed me on one slight up hill!). I then bombed (relatively speaking, I still have a 60 lb trailer behind me) through the Lexington/Bedford portion of the bike trail. At the end I found a large group of bikers who were going the same way as me so I was going to tag along, but the first thing we did was go up a hill, so that didn’t last long. But being a beautiful Sunday there were plenty of more riders out a few of which rode with me a little bit (usually until we hit a hill and then I’d let them go).

By this time I’m just past Concord, so the number bikes decrease, and I start up Nagon Hill Rd. At first I thought this was going to be one of those long ongoing hills with no view on top, but just a short ways down the other side there was Nagon Orchard and what I’m guessing to be Nagon Pond/Lake. What a sight. I wish I took a picture here, it was really quite scenic. If any of you go apple picking in the early spring this might be the place to go next year. I’m not sure how the apples are but there’s something about ponds/lakes up in the hills that I just can’t get enough of.

Speaking of apples. I’m pretty sure I just eat the most delicious apple I ever had. I’m definitely going to make sure to stop and buy fruit as often as I can.

But back to biking before I go. I’m pretty happy with how I feel today. My rear is a little sore but nothing too bad, and I think if I had done a better job stretching when I was done on Friday that my legs wouldn’t be hurting at all today (their just a little stiff). My goal for my first stop of being 20 miles or two hours has risen to 25 miles or two hours, which I’m glad to see. It’ll be interesting to see how far I make it today, especially since its so hot out.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed that apple I gave you. By the way, one picks apples in the fall. Maybe you should of taken that bug spray but remember you are bigger than they are. The sight sounds great- post a picture if you can. Glad you enjoyed my biking with you, if only for a short while. Remember, I biking with you each day from home.

  2. Matt,
    Make sure you drink a lot of water EVEN when you don’t think you need it. It’s easier to stay hydrated then to rehydrate after dehydration. DRINK DRINK DRINK!! Take it from someone who knows. Hope the trip is going well. Remember I have a lot of friends on the coast so call it you need anything.

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