Well yesterday was very long. It really felt like two seperate days. The first ‘day’ consisted of me riding from Woburn to Littleton and taking a nap there. I saw many bikers along the way and talked to a few in Littleton. A few of them had gone on treks before so it was interesting to hear what they had to say. From the sounds of it, I made the right decision by not listening to Good Geoff who suggested riding cross country, instead of to Florida and back. This one guy said that the farm land country waw almost unbearable and that he felt like he wqs ridding on rollers for weeks.

‘Day two’ consisted of me riding from Littleton to Northbridge. I was trying to make it to Oxford since that is the next town over from where my friend Joe Stoked lives, but it was just too far, so I ended up calling up my friend Meg. She had just graduated college the day before so she was home from NYC for the weekend celebrating with her family. She let me use her shower,for a modest price of $10.50 (towel not included), and made me some pasta (free of charge!). Lillian and Chealse (sorry for slaughtering the spelling of your name), can over and we all hung out for a bit. Then around 10 o’clock (waaay past my bed time) I left to go sleep at Lillian’s (since Meg’s house was filled with all her relatives).

And that’s aboout it. Good day for riding. The heat didn’t really get to me which was good. 69 miles travelled. And I got to hang out for a bit.

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  1. Hi, Your doing great- Conn. already. Glad you are taking time to smell the roses ( spending time with friends). I think your smart not to rush it but enjoy it. I’m still down at Mimi. She check on you a couple of times a day, like me. I have people at school also checking in. Everyone thinks your blog is neat. Enjoy your day off with Page. Love you.

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