Tour Highlights

Milford Quarries
Laundry Detergent baths at Deep Creek Lake
Coconut Juice
Swimming pool hop
Getting chased by a dude with a baseball bat
Getting kicked out of a party
Stage dives in some random girl’s living room
Joe’s Naked mosh for the Hicks
Almost fighting hicks
Cock teases
Police Brutality
That kid’s voice
Getting lost
Jewelry store Ginger
Mall Tomatoes and Cougars
Getting pulled over
Bad dental hygiene
Seeing half a horse
Fat shitty Carl
Sign in general
Black tit
Hoping my mom doesn’t read this
Sleeping in parks and at gas stations
Not getting fireworks
Shaving cream shower
Joey Bearfoot
Nice tits, B*@ch
“Shhhh*t, charge card? Charge card.”
Hot Topic pull-up Contest
Line me up
$2.03 gas
Nitro (as seen on American Gladiators), WV
Accident, MD/VA/WV
Grandma’s Garage sale (Complete with ‘SS Board Member’ pin)
Grape Pez
Justin and Sean railing each other
Three way kiss
Fragrance fight
Miserable Mobile
Shirtless Van
Moshing/Pantsing Big Mike at the Mall
Food Court Beerz
Burning the van down with sparklers
Leaving Geoff voice mails
5 minutes / 9 hot dogs / Quickest rest stop of the trip
“Hey, can you fill ‘er up?”
Unfriendly Boat Girls
Joe’s punishment

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