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I’ve done this before, and hounded most of you about this a while ago but I only need one more offer on these to get these items so I figured its worth a shot to post them again. You can easily get a Free iPod Shuffle(3 Referals) and a Free Gaming System (XBox, Nintendo DS, Playstation, etc) (4 referals) from the Gratis Network. And I just noticed today that you can also get a free XBox 360(8 Referals) from them as well. I got a free 20GB iPod and a 40GB photo iPod from this same company so its completely legit. You just have to sign up on their website and subscribe to one of their offers, ranging from an account to Blockbuster Online, credit cards (you don’t have to spend any money here!), or online music services (such as Napster, or Real Players’s Rhapsody). So help me out, and lets get some free stuff!

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