Sleeping On The Dead

Well last night, after getting dropped back off at High Point, NJ, at 6:30 pm, I decided to ride for a short bit before it got dark. I made it a little over 12 miles before coming across this cemetery which looked like a good place to sleep. As I was falling asleep the place was filled with fireflies which was kind of neat. I then woke up several times I the night to the eeriest sounds from some of the creepiest dreams to see the who place covered in a ghostly silver lining of fog. The dreams were probably my own minds fault, but the sounds I heard were definitely real. What a creepy night.

But enough of that. Its time to start riding. If I make good enough time today, I can probably make it to a Have Heart show (they’re the other band that was on tour with the band, Hammer Bros., that I took a break from this trip to go on tour with).

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  1. nice place to sleep mat. Where is your tent? Where do you get light from? Have you kill any animal for food yet? How often you go to bathroom? Where do you go to the bathroom? How wild is the wild life you been living? Come on man, tell me more!

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