Swedish Fish

I’m rising in the car with Brooke and Amanda back to MA for the weekend and we just stopped at a rest area neat New Haven. While inside I went over to the vending machine to see if they had any Mike & Ikes, when I saw that there was a package of Swedish Fish already paid for but stuck inside. After kicking, hitting, and shaking the machine for a good 5-10 minutes, I looked up to see a dusty dollar bill hanging off the top of the machine. I grabbed it, put it in the machine, and got two free packages of Swedish Fish (which as Leigh could tell you is one of my most favorite candies).

Good stop!

P.S. Thanks Leigh for that bag of fish before I left. It was delicious!

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  1. Matt, looks like your doing very well for yourself, taking alot of time to visit with friends and have some fun off of the bike as well. have a great 4th and be safe. chet

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