Thank you.

Thank you everyone that wished me luck. It looks like it worked! Its still a bit cloudy at times, and there’s a chance of passing storms, but for the most part its been blue skies.

I’m hoping to make it to Maryland by tonight, which still puts me at a day to a day-and-a-half from DC, if the weathee stays clear for that long.

The road has been fairly plain so far. Besides crossing the Susquehanna River there really hasn’t been all that much excitment, but while I was riding today, I passed a little kid play with a ball on the side of a fairly urban street and he yelled out to me “Heeeeey, Lance Armstrong!” he couldn’t have been much more than 8 or 9, and he knew I wasnLt really Lance Armstrong, but I was impressed that he knew who he was. Now if I can only ride as fast as him, then I’ll be in bussines!

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  1. Matt,
    thought I’d see how far you’ve gotten. You still have a ways before you hit Florida! Be safe, take care and make sure to call us when you get near Cecropia South! Jackie

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