Freedom is not Free

Its kind of weird how people act around these types of memorials. Most people just kind of look at them, take a few pictures and then skip on to the next, without even thinking about what they stand for. They don’t seem to think about the people who died or what they were going through, or why they deserve to be remembered. I mean, that is what “memorials” are for, to remember something, right?

Its also interesting to see these type of things now, in light of the war on Iraq, which is probably the closest feeling I’ll have to anything that resembles the Vietnam War. I realize that the situation today really pales in comparison to how people felt then since the draft was in place which made brought the issue so much closer to everyone that was “eligible”, not to mention their families. On the way to the train station this morning there was talk of Iraq in the news, like every other morning, but it had been so long since I’ve been in a place where I would listen to such news that it stuck out. It made me realized how detached I was from the ‘real world’, and how simple the issues were that I have to worry about day to day. Its really simple and easy to enjoy life this way, which got me off thinking about people that live in third world countries and how they feel about their lives, and how that view is so vastly different then how modernized people see them.

Wow, what a rant, the things I’ll type while on a long walk. Enough of this, time for more sights!

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