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  1. Hi, Just got home from Maine. It seems like we been gone a week as I miss all the posting. I just got updated. :) Glad you called to keep me posted when we were in Maine. Will be going back Friday for a week ( may be home Wed for apt) They are going to dig the ditch for water and elec line going accross the road next week so we have to be there. It will be nice to have that perement and not have to remove it each year. The new coversack is nice and clead but REAL DARK!!! No more crallong through or shooting arrows. Mimi sleep here last night and is staying here again tonight. She went out with Sandy Serentino for the day. Tomorrow we will go shopping and then she will go back to Gloucester. Boy it is hot in Woburn. Maine was 90 tyoday but a great breeze all day. We moved one of the wood piles and cleaned up the yard. Tomorrow I’ll have to cut the grass as it is getting long. Dad and I are going out to Lougie’s ( were Danillle works) in Bedford for supper tomorrow night. We asked Missy but she is not sure if she will go with us. She has the day off so who knows. Well keep on enjoying Washington D.C. I thought it was cool that Noha stilled checked out your blog even though he saw you a few hours ago. Mimi said there is a place in Cumming Park that you can get pastports in short time (3 weeks) I’ll try to check it out for you. Take care and we love you.

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