Dinosaur Exhibit review

Things I learned:
1. The plates on the back of Stegosaurus’ went from small to big, and not the other way around as seen in most depictions.
2. The smallest dinosaur known was still larger than 80 percent of all land mammals today.
3. As the movie “Jurasic Park” showed, amber does do a very good job of preserving insects, it does not preserve any DNA.

1. They still show the T-Rex as a mean carnivor. While it is true that it was a meat eater, recent reevaluation shows that it was more of a scavenger than a hunter, unlike its cousin, the alisaurus, which actually was a hunter. Ask me about this some time. I love talking about it.
2. While they did have most of the popular dinosaurs displayed, that was about it, and they didn’t have any Raptors. I also would have liked to see someother dinoaurs that I didn’t already know.

Total time spent looking at dinosaurs and similarly old animals:
3.5 hours (and I wish I had more time!)

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  1. Pos, I just wanted to tell you that I am a fan, and I am paying attention to your amazing journey. I wish I was in America, and that I was somewhere along your path so you could visit me. Next time I see you we are going to talk about Dinosaurs (and probably Dinosaur Jr. as well). Keep it up and keep it real!


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