Let’s Give it a Go!

The 10 Day forecast doesn’t look too promising, but hopefully I can at least make it to Richmond, VA. The good thing with this rain, if I get wet it will still be hot outside, where last week when it was almost in the 60’s and raining, it was much more miserable.

All I’ve got left to do here is work on my bike for just a few minutes, pack up my gear, and I’ll be off again. Knowing me, that means I probably won’t be on the road until close to noon, but that should give me plenty of time to get at least 30 miles in today, which is what I need to do before I’ll start finding good places to sleep.

So wish me luck with the weather and keep checking back and I’ll let you know how I’m doing.

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  1. Wishing if it rain it is a nice gental mist not a downpour. Either way, you won’t melt! A friend got her pastport in 2 weeks and did not pay extra. She did it from the Woburn Post office on Washington St. They took the picture for about $5. One stop shopping! I’ve been at school today doing purchase orders. It always take longer than I think. They have everyone in school system doing them at the same time and it get bogged down and you have to start over. I signed up for my next course. I’ve decided to take 3 more this summer and have them all over with. Hope you had a good ride. Glad DC went so well. Love you.

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