Stuck in the rain!

It was bound to happen. I could see the rain line of the storm approaching for probably 20 – 30 minutes. I kept a close eye out for places to stop along the way, but when I started to feel rain drops I was almost 2 miles away from the last spot. I asked the next person I crossed how far it was to shelter and they couldn’t really answer, so it was probably too far.

I pulled over off of the bike path and pulled out my tarp. I covered the bike and trailer, and jumped underneth. By the time the storm was in full force, but I was wet instead of drenched.

I had to hold the tarp off of my self to be comfortable, but knowing that the storm wasn’t going to let up in the next ten minutes, I decided to make a dash for some sticks. Unfortunatly, what had looked like sticks from my shelter were mostly tree roots, so I got a little more wet than I was planning but it was still worth it.

With the sticks my makeshift shelter was really comming along. It never stays right for too long, so I need to readjust it every few minutes but its working out quite well.

After doing all of that, I took the time to enjoy this break with a Rice Krispy Treat, and made this post. The storm seems to be lightening up now but still raining steadily. I’m going to wait it out about 10 minutes after the last big lightning bolt that I see and then carry on. So long as this doesn’t last for much more than an hour I’ll be a pretty happy camper (or bicyclist as the case may be).

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