Home sweet home

It just isn’t my ‘home sweet home’. This is the unfinished house is slept in last night. I set mt alarm for 5 but cobvinced myself that no one was going to be to work that early since it was so wet/damp out, so I kept resetting my alarm. Then at 6 people started showing up and I gathered up my stuff and got out of there. There was no way of hiding it so I just told the three guys who were there what happened, and they were all really impressed by my trip so they didn’t really care about me sleeping there, but I still wanted to get out before anyone else showed up.

So its like 6:15 now and I’m on the rode. Hopefully I’ll find a good place for breakfast and take a nap later. And then if my luck is even better Noah’s friend will have a place for me to shower and crash tonight. That’s it for now.

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