What a day!

I woke up early enough not to get caught by construction workers. Then I missed ‘my turn’ but ened up going a way that was significantly shorter, although on not as nice roads. Made it to Kitty Hawk in great time, and then had plenty of things to spend time looking at. I got to goto the library and the beach. I ran into another cyclist like me going to Florida, but I scared her off (ask me about it, its a better story told live). I got a free campsite and met some cool people. I got hot water foe my oatmeal (a real luxury these days), and met two dudes from Germany. I had a place to charge my phone so o got to have some good conversations, and to top it all off, look at the sunset. Supposedly me and the German dudes are waking up early to watch the sunrise over the Atlantic, but I’m just going to bed now, so we’ll see if that happens…

Today felt like a break day. If every day was like today I’d never do anything else.

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