Another 100 Miler

I was thinking that I might ride a bit more after taking a shower at the bath house on the beach, but once I stopped I didn’t want to move any more. I actually rode 99.84 miles today and then did circles in the parking lot to make up for the last .16 of a mile.

It was about 8 pm when I started washing up, and the gate said that it closed at 7:45 pm, so I was hoping that they forgot or just weren’t going to lock it tonight. That was too good to be true obviously, and as I was washing up, sure enough, the park security came to lock the place up. They started with the bathrooms, which had the only electricity outler in the place, and then went on to shut off the water. The guy talked to me twice, once as I was leaving the bathroom, and again while I was rinsing at the outside shower. He had obviously seen my bike, which I had brought up the handicap ramp to the 2nd story where the facilities were, but made no mention of not being able to sleep here, or when the beach closed, so I think its ok to stay here.

I wish I had a place to charge my phone since its down to a 1/4 and I need it tomorrow to meet up with Pat, but the view and breeze here make up for that. I have enough roof so that if it does rain I’ll still stay dry, but I can see over the dune to see the ocean and get it’s breeze. I hope there’s a clear sky tomorrow. That’d be an awesome sight to wake up to!

I’m going to finish up making my calls and then goto bed early so I can get a good start on tomorrow.

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