Good Morning

Its quarter past six now, and I’m just about to start riding. Last night I went to sleep at this place, which I’m guessing is a retirement home, really early. It was only just starting to get dark so I’m guessing that it was only about 8:30.

A few people left the building after I had already bunked out. They would walk to their cars probably not 15 feet away without noticing me. Granted there were a large set of bushes between us, but I was still visible. It just kind of goes to show that you only have blend in, and not be invisible to be unseen. Again I had my brown tarp over my bike which was laying down, and I was in my tan sheet, so it pretty easy to camouflage in.

I woke up around 11:45 last night, and looked around. I remember the sky being pretty light so I almost got up to start packing my gear, but luckily enough I checked my phone for the time before doing so. I’m not sure if it was a full moon or not but it was definitely bright.

Yesterday’s second ferry ride wasn’t nearly as fun, but just as refreshing. There were far less people and mostly couples. I started conversations with a few people but they never went far which was fine since that meant I had time for a nap. I left for a good hour and a half of the trip in the air conditioned lounge. Its funny because I don’t remember the last time I had to take a ferry ride to transport q vehicle, but it was definitely the exact same model ship as this one.

If I’m going to make it to Myrtle Beach by Sunday morning, I need to put in two days each close to 100 miles, so off I go!

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