Hop a fence, jump a pool.

This is a picture of the pool at the country club I slept at last night. I tried to take another picture of the club itself or the structure I slept under but at this time of day there just wasn’t enough light.

Last night when I got here, I saw that all the lights were on, so I walked around looking to see if anyone was still here. There were no cars here, all but one of the doors where locked, the gate was closed so I guessed it to be clear.

Right after I opened the door that was unlocked, I saw that there was a security company’s logo was on it. I was worried that they might have set an alarm without locking the door and that I was going to get in trouble. Luckily enough, nothing happened.

After waiting probably an hour from when I opened the door, I made use of the pool. It didn’t do much to clean me, but I hadn’t showered in a day and a half so it still felt good. I was only in for a short bit though since I was worried that the cops were going to come and find me.

I talked on the phone a bunch more since I had a place to charge it before falling asleep on a picnic table under a roofed in area. I slept really well besides being woken up every 45 by a passing train.

Not sure what time the course opened, or what time the grounds keeps would start showing up, I set my alarm for 5 am. I got up right away and was ready to ride after 20 minutes, although now there is nowhere enough light to do so.

I’m actually making this post from where the driveway meets the street, and the gate was open when I got here. A grounds keeper drove past me while I was composing this post but said nothing. I’d love to ride now since its nice and cool (its probably not much over 80), but even with my head and tail lights I’m skiderish about riding. I think I’m going to ride till the first church I see and then take a nap there till dawn.

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