Number four.

Today I did my fourth 100 miler. I thought about trying for it early on, but its harder to get motivated now that the goal is 700 miles away. So most of the day I was aoiming for 90 miles, but then I realized how close I was to Georgia, so I tried to make that the goal. The boarder is still about another 10 – 15 miles from here, so that didn’t happen, but I did get to 100. Its just too hard to decide to go for that many miles later in the day.

I’m sleeping under a staircase outside of a church. Its not much, but I’m pretty much in the middle of nowhere right now, and this was the best place I’d seen in the last 10 miles, so it’ll have to do. I guess I was just getting spoiled by staying inside of churches and at country clubs.

I actually moved in pretty well. I found an old mop out side which I swept the concrete platform with, and hung my tarp from the two side poles forming kind of a wall. I leaned my bike against the poles as well, under the tarp, so its out of site and will stay dry if it rains. I should be protected from the rain if its just a light mist, or if its coming straight down, but if it comes down at any angle I’ll have to get out my bivvy sack.

The heat actually wasn’t all that bad today. I’m not sure I’d the hot spell broke or if I just did better because I slept in it, but either way, it was a decent day riding.

While we’re on the topic of heat, its definitely too hot to use a sleeping bag down here. I’m so glad that I got this sheet before I left. I was intending on usingit as a liner for my bag, so it wouldn’t get gross, and I could wash it easier, but instead, I’ve slept in just this more nights o this trip than I have in the bag. Tonight thought, is the first night that I’ve actually tought of using the sleeping bag, still in the stuff sack, as a pillow. Between this new discovery and riding 100 milea today, I should sleep good tonight.

Orlando looks to be just shy of 700 miles from here, so hopefully I’ll be there in 8 or 9 days.

I just started to doze off while typing this post so I guess its time for bed. G’night every one!

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