Another rainy night.

Last night around 6 pm, I was riding as usual, when I took a peak over my shoulder. I was surprised to see that the sky was completely dark, with ominous rain clouds handing above since there were such clear skies in front of me. I rode a while longer as the approaching storm chased me on my ride toward the coast.

I came across a mother unloading groceries from her car and asked her if she knew how bad of a storm it was supposed to be. She asked he husband who had been watching the news and he said that there were surveer weather warning out all over the area.

Knowing that I had passed a nice church to sleep at only about a mile ago, and that things were only getting more rural the way I was going, I decided to back track to the church.

The church had a power outlet and good cell phone reception, which is a horrible combination for me. By the time I set my gear up it was most exactly 7, when I have free minutes. I started going through my phone book and dialing random people to tell them of my day’s success.

The storm actually ended up not being so bad here, but it was obvious that it was else where, so stopping was the right decision. It was unfortunate though that it had to happen at mile 92 of the day. This pretty much makes the idea of X hundred miles in as many days out of reach now, but that really doesn’t matter. Now I’ll only be more likely to stop and enjoy some of the area’s I’ll be riding through.

After staying up till midnight talking to people, I reset my alarm for a later time, only to awake before it went off this morning. I have a short ride ahead of me, then a quick ferry ride, and then I should be in Ormand / Daytona Beach by night. From there its 150 miles to Disney, so it looks like I’m back to the original idea of arriving in Orlando on Thursday.

Well enough chit chat, I’ve got a ferry to catch!

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