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I stopped here at the Pioneer Art Settlement for a short nap. At around four o’clock, three ladies walked past me from the office towards their cars. I said hello and they told me that the park was closing but it was ok for me to stay and even stay the night where I was. I told them that I was only napping and that I was going to be leaving soon. I told them that I had come from Maine and all three of them almost fell over.

We talked a bit longer about the trip in general and then two the ladies left, while the third, Cathy, stayed a little longer. She offered to let me stay in a spare room at her house and told me her daughter lived in the Keys. She said that her daughter’s friend’s owned a bed and breakfast down there, and that they would almost definitely let me stay there for free. I declined on the offer to stay at her house since I wanted to get more miles in, but got her daughter’s contact information.

We said good bye and Cathy went back to her car, only to come right back with something. It was a winning scratch ticket worth $10. She told me to put it towards a nicer dinner, and then explained where her house was if I didn’t make it as far as I was hoping.

I’m telling this story, and thinking of how I would interpret it if I was hearing it, and thinking that this lady sounds creepy, but she totally wasn’t. I’d say I have a fairly good judge of character, and this lady seemed completely wholesome and just a very kind woman. I think pointing out the fact that she works at an art place like this kind of re-enforces that feeling.

Anyways, my attitude has totally flipped around now. The nap helped a little but the support of the people that know me and the generosity of the complete strangers I’ve met on this trip could pull me out of anything. Having someone be so nice to you because they are so siked on what you are doing is really the best encouragement that I’ve ever felt.

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