Orlando here I come!

25 miles in so far today and about 140 to Disney World. Originally I thought it was going to be further, but the two sections of the map overlap a bit. They both meet up in Ormand Beach, but then loop back on themselves for 12 miles. I rode though beach cities all of yesterday, so I don’t see much reason in riding 24 miles just to see another one.

If I ride 70 – 90 miles today then I’ll have 80 – 50 miles tomorrow. I think I might try to ride harder today, because when I get to Orlando I have a lot of thing to do.

First off, I need to decide how far I’m going to be riding. A few days ago I wanted to just stop in Orlando, but then convinced myself to go all the way to the Keys. I still really want to go to the Keys, but last night I spent some time figuring air fares and departure dates, and I’m running very low on both time and money. I think I could definitely do it, but I’d have to ride hard, live cheap, and probably turn around as soon as I got to Key West. As if that wasn’t enough, I started realizing all of the other things I need to take care of before going back to school, which narrows my free time even more. I think when I get to Orlando I’ll have to sit down and write everything down to make sure I can fit it all in before committing to anything.

Once I get to Orlando, I’m in a tricky spot again. I really shouldn’t leave until Tuesday, so I can save money on airfare, so I’ll have a lot of time to kill (about 4 full days). Entertainment activities are really expensive, and since I’m already low on cash, I’m not sure what I’m going to do there. I think I might just ride around to all of the parks and see if I can work for a day to be able to get in the next day for free. Hopefully that will work at at least one of the parks (Sea World, MGM, Disney World).

This is pretty much what I’ve been thinking about so far today. I guess I’m just starting to merge back in with the real world where the trees aren’t made of money and people have responsibilities.

I’ve got nothing to complain about though. This summer has truly been an amazing time. I’ve had such good luck with the weather, places to stay, and meeting people that if I have to stop the trip in Orlando, its still been an unbelievable time.

If any of you have any ideas of cheap things to do in Orlando, or ways to get things for free, post them here and I’ll look into them. Thanks in advance!

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  1. hi Matt,
    looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! our back porch is set for you (hope you don’t mind the Barbie Dolls everywhere!)
    Call me tomorrow when you get in town.

  2. Matt,
    my husband has a Universal ticket you can have (he works there part time). This ticket is good for one day and you can go to both Universal and Islands of Adventure on that day. I’d suggest you go either sat or sun so you are away from my million kids!

  3. We will treat you to Sea World. Put it on your charge and I’ll pay you when the bill comes in. Don’t forget to look for coupons. You can find then in booklets, motels- just ask etc. I check web for you. Love you.

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