I got here around 1:30 this afternoon. I stopped by Cecropia, the company I used to work for, to say hi to everyone, and meet up with Jackie, who is letting me stay with her till Tuesday when air fares go back down.

On my way into Orlando this morning I stopped at a Mobile to just look at a better map and get directions. It was pretty hard to pick out a good route, not knowing what the roads were really like, but since Cecropia’s office is right next to Sea World, I just ask the for directions to there, without using high ways. The two ladies were pretty much stumped, but called her boss and got directions using no highways, but still on major roads. Her boss also said it was ok for them to donate a bottle of gatorade. Then a state trooper came in and helped give me really good directions that worked out perfectly. There were a lot of turns on them and Orlando was still a good 30 miles away, so I really wanted a copy of that map, but didn’t want to spend $5 on it since I’d have no use for it after this week. I asked if I could trade in my gatorade for it since I had plenty of water, but instead she just donated that too!

I was on my way with the directions I got from the trooper. About ten miles into them, it was about time to refill my water bottles when I came across a hot dog stand. Still trying to conserve money, even though I’m not as bad off as I thought I was, I wasn’t going to get anything. I still talked to him though as I was filling my bottles, and he gave me a dog and sports bottle of gatorade for free. These two things just totally made my day and made up for my rough morning yesterday.

More happened later but I’m exhausted now. I should have plenty of time to post tomorrow so I’ll write more then!

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