Hartford Skate

To celebrate the 100 mile marker of our trip we decided to make a pit stop at Hartford. We emptied our blatters and grabbed the boards. With no one around, the stairs all lit up, and marble ledges everywhere it was an awesome skate spot (for those that could skate at least).

We went on a quest for an all night convenient store for either Peterson or Jewls. No one’s really sure whose idea it was but neither of them wanted to go. We pondered climbing a huge horse statue, and traveling by cannon Super Mario style, but eventually turned around.

On the way back everyone started skating off in front of me. I wasn’t going to be able to catch them, and they were practically out of sight, so I started to cut corners to try and make up the difference.

Of course they notice I’m not behind them as soon as I take the first short cut, so they went back looking for me. When they couldn’t find me, they started to worry about me slipping and hurting myself or getting kidnapped (adultnapped?).

I get back to the car and break through a cracked window to get my phone. I gave them a call and they came back to meet me. We loaded our stuff up, Jewls took the wheel and back on the road we went.

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