Making out at the airport

No not with a girl. And NO not with a dude. I’m just finding deals left and right.

I had printed out my boarding pass last night so I totally skipped over the check-in line. When I got to the security check there was a bit of a line but then they opened up a second lane, so it got cut in half as soon as I got there.

On my way to my terminal there was a PalmOne store, which is the company who makes my phone. I looked around at the different gadgets that they had for their products, but most of them were for their palm pilots, and not their phones. They dud have a bunch of working demos with games and programs on them, so I beamed a copy of Hearts, Ski Racer, and GraffitiAnywhere (a program I actually looked at buying a while ago) over to my phone.

I continued onto my gate, and no sooner had I taken my seat, and they announced that the flight was over-booked on paper, and they may need volunteers to get bumped. I jumped up and went over to the desk. I called Jackie to make sure it wouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience before signing up. They still aren’t sure if they will need anyone or not, but if they do, I’ll get a $250 voucher, free lunch, and still arrive in Orlando by 6:30 tonight. Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi Matt So you’re on the road again!! Hope you got the bump and got the $250. Grampa used to do that all the time. A Good deal if your not in a hurry. Remember from now on watch where you sleep. Those snakes and alligators are where you’d least expect to see them. Hope this part of your trip will be as enjoyable as the first part.Love you. Mimi

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