Snot Rockets

This is actually a story from this morning, but I just remembered it now.

My nose was bothering me real bad today. I’m not sure what it is that I’m alergic to here in FL, but it kills me if I don’t take my allergy medicine. I say that somewhat jokenly, but there’s a bit of truth to it because when I sneeze I end up closing my eyes for a second or two, and then swerve slightly when I actually sneeze, which could lead to a messy situation.

Anyways, to try and aleiviate the problem while riding and with out a hankercheif at hand, I plug one side of my nose and exhale with all my might out the other, ejecting a rocketof snot at my target.

Usually I try to aim for the ground under my armpit, but this is where things always seem to go wrong. I’m able to get the projetile to take off successfully, but it never quite lans where I want it to. Of the four that I let loose today, one landed on my shoulder, and another on my shoe. If this was baseball I’d be doing pretty good, but sadly I’m not, so instead I’m left with a slimey mess to clean up.

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