Nice House!

I really need to start remembering to take pictures of where I’m staying before I go to bed, because it really is a shame that you can’t see how nice this house is.

The house was shaped like a ‘U’ and in the middle of it was a poured in ground pool. The entire front of the house was practically all glass with a beutiful view of the Inter Coastal Water Way. Out back there was a full size tennis court.

The house is currently under serious renovations, so there were no walls up in the entire house. The water was shut off, but the electricity and AC were still on. The refridgerator was about the only thing left in the place that still worked which was fine by me. I put the three quarts of water that I had left in the freezer to cool off.

The AC must have been set real low because it was barely cooler inside than out, but there were several large industrial grade HEPA air filters running in the house collecting sheetrock dust. The out put from these were along the floor and clean so I aimed two of them at me to keep me cool.

I woke up at 5 o’clock to avoid the construction workers and made a clean get a way.

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