E-mail from Spain!

Here’s an email I got from Lluís and Toni from Spain:

Hey there, Mike!

It has been like two weeks since your adventure trip was over, i know. Sorry
for taking so long to write, to send you the pictures as promised. From your
webpage one can tell you’ve had a lot of fun all along. On our way to Miami
from Key West the storm had its worst at Florida City and Homestead instead
for downtown Miami. That is, a huge amount amount of trees on the main road
and some flooded streets, a fallen down brick wall that had cut the US-1,
minutes of driving in heavy rain and total darkness… but not much more to
it. As our friend in Hollywood told us, it came out much worse north of
Miami. But then still who could have forseen what took place in Louisiana…

The fact is that next day the eastern Florida airports reopened, and so we
got our flight to Kentucky. Amazing enough, the hurricane followed us up
there, hitting again on us but this time only with heavy rain, after all of
the dramatic trail it had already left behind. Great trip after all, with a
sad episode in between if you watched the news.

Anyway, here are the two pictures we took at the gas station in Islamorada
(make that ‘s’ sound! Eace-la Moh-rada, yeah man), one of us three after
getting soaked looking for deer and then buying some food in Publix, and one
us both that Toni took…. basically to get a pic of the car. He’s really
into cars, motorbikes and engines, i guess.

That’s all for now. Take care and remember, next time you have to go for
Alaska! ;-)

Lluís (Louis as posted in your blog of thursday, august 25. But of course,
how could you know how the same name is written in Catalan? Now you do. It’s
just fine).

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