Free at last!

(11/15 – 3:31pm)
Well after a few of the most stressfull days of the semester, I’m finally at the airport and ready for my most streneous and much needed vacation.

This semester has been full of BS and red tape so I’m really looking forward to getting away. As example of the types of things I’ve had to deal with I’ll describe todays frusteration. I have a history report due this Friday. I did poorly on the first exam which counts for 15% of our grade and where this report counts for 25% I figured I could make up some of the points on this. I spent a good deal of time running all over to three livraries just to find the resources I needed not to mention the hours I spent writing the paper. I then went through five revisions after having a classmate, my mother, and two of my senior english major friends review the paper in addition to my own rigerous review. So I put all of this work in to try and write a really good paper, only to have my teacher tell me that he is going to have to make it late (even though its THREE days EARLY!) because I’m not passing it in in-class. I told him that I could have a classmate pass it in if that was a problem but he turned down this idea because it has to be done in-person (even though he doesn’t take attendance). Honestly I don’t know what this guy has against me but he’s so rediculous that it seems like it has to be personal.

So on that note, I’m more than glad to be getting away for a few days (even if it is with my history notes in hand so I can study). I’m currently at Manchester Airport in NH wating for my flight to board and I’ll be on my way to NC, with a pit stop in Philly.

Once in NC, my good friend Chet, will be picking me up and we’ll be off on our hiking trip. Continuing with our life long goal, we’re going to be knocking out a few more mountains as we try to hike the tallest in each state. We’re starting out with the most southern states (GA, SC, and NC) and then working our way north until its 12 hours before I have class on Monday, which is when we’ll drop everything and start hightailing it home.

I’m stoked! Wish us luck and check back for more updates!

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