More Flying

(5:29 am Honolulu time)

Yesterday, while at Minianapolis, our plane got delayed. It was snowing out so the ground was slippery, so the small toe taxi that usually moves the plane couldn’t get enough traction to push our heavy plane. This meant that they had to go get a bigger taxi, which ran into the same problem, so they got another small taxi with chains on the tires. This couldn’t do it either they had to try it one more time with a larger ttaxi with chains. This did the trick, and so we got in line to be de-iced and then, two hours after boarding, made our way to the run-way.

All of this delayed us enough so that we missed our connencting flight to Hilo. Unfortunatly for us, since we had booked these flights seperatly they wouldn’t accomodate us. We waited in line for probably another two hours so we could talk to a manager. He was very nice, and while he wouldn’t give us a hotel, he did manage to get our flights rescheduled for free.

So we found the last hotel with a vacency, and stashed our stuff. We hadn’t had a good meal since MN, so we decided to take a taxi downtown to grab some food. Honolulu was surprisenly dead for 10 pm on a Friday night. There were a few places open with some life to them, but nothing that really looked like they’d vanquish our hunger, so we decided to go try and find some food back by our hotel.

We missed the last bus back, so we took another $20 taxi ride back. We found a little burger joint near our hotel which was kind of sketchy, but I liked it. Until I got my food however… I got a bacon cheese burger but it came with some weird condement on it. I really have no idea what this was but my best guest was that it was some pickle-manonays-mustard hybred. I wiped off as much as I could and struggled through as much of it as I could and then retreated to the comfort of the frappe I got, which was delicious.

We got back to our hotel, packed up our stuff, and got to bed with enough time to sleep for a solid 5 hours.

Now its 5:30 and we’re back at the airport. I’ve been writing this and working on a pretty awesome Hawaii playlist while Jen’s been reading of all the awesome places we can visit today, which include a farmer’s market and a cliff jumping spot called “The End of the World”.

I’m pretty tired but vey content and excited to be beginning our vacation today.

I’ll post more later if I find the time, but there’s a decent chance that we’ll be so busy having fun, I won’t even think to take the time to do it, so no promises.

Hope everyone back home is having as much fun as we’re about to!

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