Hey everyone!

I’m having a blast here in Hawaii. So far we’ve gone swimming, rode bikes, played in the surf, snorkled with coral and tropical fish, climbed to the top of the tallest mountain and watched the sun set and saw the stars (climbed in a car, its almost 3 miles of verticle elevation from sea level), and hiked out to see these lava flows (in the picture). We stayed at an awesome hostile and met some cool friends who we rented a car with one day and drove all over the island seeing all sorts of less visited waterfalls and ancient ritual grounds. And its only been 4 days!

We’re in the airport right now, making our way to Maui where we’ll be until Saturday morning. Then we’ll fly back to Honolulu, spend the rest of that day there visiting Pearl Habor and such and then fly home.

Hope your all staying warm!

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