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Europe is nuts!

That’s it. In every way imaginable. But the two things that stick out more than anything else are the drivers/street and the architechture. People drive like maniacs around here. I mean going 100mph on the highway, a little extreme, but nothing compared to the back streets around here. The sidewalks are so narrow that they barely fit one person, and sometimes are at the same level as the streets themselves, and people FLY down these roads. Some times the roads are so curvy they go right down the middle of these cobble stone roads. Its just nuts.

Then the buildings… they are all lit up which makes them look all that much more impressive. I added some more pictures when I walked around this afternoon to the gallery earlier today. If I wasn’t so tired I’d delve into it some more, but I really need to hit the sack.

But first, I’ll give you all the boring details of tonight. Sicne I didn’t get back from my frist walk until about 8, and I was pretty tired, I took a little nap, and chilled out for a bit. By the time I was ready to go back out again it was about 10:30 which I figured would work out well. I’d get to Brussels around 11-11:30, spend a few hours and be back around 2 (which is 8pm EST). But unfortuneatly the time between the next train out and the last train back was about 30 minutes, so it hardly made sense to do that. So instead I went back out the the ‘Grate Markt’.

After walking around for maybe an hour I started talking to these two kids, Eric and Patric, that were hanging out in the same area. They were pretty chill, both turkish, but were born and raised in Belgium. They said that Mechelen was really just a boring city despite its size. Patrick’s brother was at a party though, so we walked cross town to check that out. Turned out it was for Patrick’s brother’s friend’s girlfriend’s birthday, so they felt a little awkward (I didn’t know anyone anywhere so I didn’t care either way). We hung out a little bit more and then spit up around 12. I walked around a bit more and took some pictures of Mechelen at night and then came back to the hotel. All and all a pretty chill night but pretty fun.

I was thinking that I really should go running a few times this week so that I don’t fall too much out of shape for the 5k’s I want to be running when I get back home, but I’ve been walking so much my legs are actually sore now. Its kind of funny. Ohh well, if you ever thought there was nothing on TV at 3am, you should try to find something on TV at 3am when most of the channels are in a language you don’t know more than 30 words in. I think that means its time to go to bed, so that’s what I’m going to do. G’night everyone.

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  1. Enjoy reading your blog again. It is like last summer. Gives me something to look forward to. I know Mimi will be eager to read it tomorrow.
    Love Mom

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