An Authentic European Night

Today was my first day working here. It was a pretty easy day. In the morning I pretty much just got my computer and badge set up to work, set up meetings for the week, checked my email, and did some work. I got some lunch with Sunita and Bart, and then it was back to work for a pretty productive meeting. Then I had an hour to work on a spec, and that was about it. Today was an awesome day, about 20 degree Celsius and sunny.

As work was getting out Annemie, in stereotypical form, said that we had to go for cocktails with her since today was so nice, and was the first real day of spring. She took me and Sunita with her to a restaurant by my hotel and Gert and Bart met up with us there. We ate outside next to a canal going through the city, like in Venice. The food was great and the conversation was pretty funny. We stayed for desert, and I got the Belgium classic vanilla ice cream with chocolate candy and sauce. We then went down the street to a small but pretty nice bar and talked about all sorts of things from immigration, to politics, to music. And then everyone was ready to go home, and I was still wide awake, so I started to think about calling up Patrick or Aysel, but was shocked to find out it was already 11:30pm!

Realizing I should go to bed since it was already pretty late, I headed back to the hotel. Switched rooms and wound down. That was about it. A pretty basic night, but fun. It felt like what I’d expect a fun, but not crazy, night after work would be like if I was from Europe, so that was cool. Time for bed. G’night!

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