Late night!

The first Thursday night of every month (Tonight!) is the company ‘Drink Up’. So after work, probably close to 30 of us went across the street to the local bar, and had drinks for 2 hours on EMC. Then 9 of us went out to this really classy restaurant. It was right on a nice lake, and today was so hot (~80F), that it was a perfect night to eat outdoors. I got a 22 Euro steak that was much smaller than US portions, but SO good! After that we went back to Alyse’s place which was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. It has a great outlook onto Mechelen, and was so spacious. If she ever needs a room mate I’ll fight anyone else that tries to move in before me. We stayed there pretty late and then it was back to the hotel for me. Pretty fun way to spend my last night with EMC people in Belgium.

Tomorrow night: Brussels Part II or Antwerp. Yet to be decided. Hopefully it will be another late night so I can sleep on my flight home.

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  1. Glad your having such a good time. Hope you will return again. Its sounds like a great bunch of EMC workers or should I say drinkers.

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