So over the last few months I’ve tried a few times at finding a way to simply add moblogging, a method of bloging from a mobile device such as a cell phone, ability back to my blog. Now, I realize that if I just broke down and got one of those snazzy iPhones, there would be an application I could download and there wouldn’t be an issue, but my lowly Palm Centro works fine for what I’m doing, and doesn’t require me to get an expensive data plan.

At first I tried just using the “Post via E-mail” feature built directly into WordPress, but I couldn’t seem to get this to work. It would log in, check the email, and make a post with the email’s subject line as the title of the post, but there would never be any content in the post. I’ve gone through a few minor updates to WP since first trying this feature, all with the same result, and so I decided to see if I couldn’t find a plug-in that would offer me this feature.

Turns out, I didn’t have to look far before finding Postie. I’ve only done a simple test from gmail -> WordPress, but it seems to work well and offers a lot of features. For instance you can apply categories to the post by including the name of the category in square brackets in the subject line of the email, and it supports attaching of images and files to the blog post. I’ll make sure to tag posts I do like this with a Moblog category, so if you see that starting to get some heavy use, you can safely assume that I’m using this and liking it!