So its been over a month since I’ve gotten this blog, and this is only my second time logging in, but now I have a purpose for it.

As some of you may know, this summer I plan on riding my Lemond Alpe D’Huer road bike from Maine to the Florida Keys and back. With almost exactly 2 months left before my departure and snow still on the ground I’m starting to get nervous on whether I’ll have done enough training for this trip but that all just adds to the adventure I suppose.

So anyways, if your interested keep checking back and hopefuly you’ll start finding pictures and information about where I am in my training/trip and be able to follow me along the east coast over this crazy summer to come.

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  1. this is really cool matt! where did the original idea come from? Are you really going to sleep outside every night? if so when you get to florida you’ll be in for a surprise. Down here, its hot during the night too! :)
    If you need a place to stay, the florida stuio is availible. (this is jessica from the cecropia south studio-incase you were wondering)
    have fun!

  2. Hey Jessica,

    Thanks for responding. I actually sat down one day over winter break and tried to brain storm some rediculous things that I could spend my summer doing. The three I narrowed it down to were 1) Hiking the Rockies (which I’ve already done for a week in high school), 2) Sailing in the Florida Keys (which I still might be able to do for a week), and 3) this bike trip. Since the bike trip was something that I had never done before, and still allowed me to possibly sail a little bit, and so that’s what I choose.

    As far as camping out goes, that is the plan, and staying in the studio would be awesome (Joe said it even had a shower).

    I’ll definatly be getting in touch when I get in the area!


  3. hey matt,
    thats pretty cool! i make all sorts of plans (none as elaborate as yours) but usually don’t get to follow through with them. I can’t imagine doing what your doing (plus my mom would probably kill me if i tried to do anything like that ;) ). When is the D-Day? Have fun and don’t break any bones.

    p.s. I’ll watch over your i-pod while your gone…. it’s not like your going to need it on your trip
    : )

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