New Apartment

So maybe we’re rushing into this, getting the 2nd apartment we looked at and all, but everyone is really happy this place. We’ve all worked out who gets what rooms and how much their paying for rent. The location is great. Its RIGHT next to North Campus. Its kind of behind Suppa’s but faces Smith and Eames. Its on the top (3rd) floor and the kids below us seem really chill, so there shouldn’t be any problems there. I took a few pictures on my phone so here they are (it was kind of hard because the kids who were living there now were sleeping when they were showing us the place so I took them fairly quickly as to try not to disturb them too much).

View the Pictures!

The Front

The Side Enterance

The Common Room

My Room

The Kitchen

(Scary Picture of) The Bath Room

Big Mike and Enrique’s Room

Ditch’s or Checker’s Room

Checker’s or Ditch’s Room

The Porch

The “View”

The Parking Lot

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