13 Days…

13 Days left untill I leave for my trip. I’m definatly starting to get really nervous but excited at the same time. I still haven’t been training as much as I should but more than before. I’ve been riding my bike to Boston to hang out with friends and just riding around here with whoever wants to ride. When I was in Boston yesterday I talked to one of my old friends, Kyle, who’s pretty into biking. He might end up doing the first section of the trip with me (from Maine to Mass). Which would be pretty awesome.

I’m going to be throwing myself a going away party all of Memorial Day weekend. Its going to be at my house in ME and EVERYONE is invited. It’ll start off Friday night probably with just a small group of us going to the drive in movies or something and then continue on Saturday, playing volleyball, croquete, and using the motor boat (if its warm enough). Then Saturday night with hopefully some bands will play. So far its just my band, DOUBLExTOUCH! and Hammer Bros. Then Sunday, we’ll shoot down to some cliffs and go cliff jumping and then people can either go home or come back for one last night of camp fires and roasted marshmellows. Monday will be the day to go home whenever people feel like it, unless they want to spend the last night to see me off on Tuesday morning from York, Maine. If you want to come just shoot me an email at
matt.farmer(at)gmail.com and I’ll hook you up with directions. I plan on buying over $100 worth of meat and then other food, so come along, bring some friends, and have some fun!

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