Well minutes after taking that last picture I headed out on my way… only to find that the axle I had used had gone bad. It was slightly bent to begin with, and with the weight of my gear (60-65 lbs.) I think it just went awry when I hit a bump. I suppose this all serves me right for not preparing properly. I had only put the trailer on my bike for the first time today, and only ridden with it once (without any gear) for about a mile. I had bought a new axel since I knew this one was damaged, and as it turned out too wide also (but we fixed this with a few washers), but last night when I was packing and this morning I couldn’t figure out where I had put it. I should have taken these as signs to start a day later but I was determined and tried to make things work but that just wasn’t enough. So now I’m home for another day or two, trying to find another axel, wrapping up the final paperwork on my apartment, trying to slim down the weight of my trailer, and going out for another, more vigorous, test ride before I go at this again, hopefully Thursday morning.

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  1. SUCK!

    You can do it, man… there are tons of bike shops around the country too if you happen to get in a snag somewhere. Just watch your ass in the South – literally!

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