Day Off

I’m not sure how much I can call this a day off since I haven’t really been ‘on’ yet, and today was so busy, but regardless..

Today I got a new axle, went to the bike shop where learned how to true a wheel, replace a spoke, bought a spare chain and spare derailer and break cables, and went for a short 5-7 mile test ride.

I went through my bag and took out about 10 lbs worth of stuff, but probably added another 3 before going on the test ride, which went really well. I only had about 2/3 worth of the gear in the trailer but I went up and down some of the worst hills in my neighborhood with out any trouble. The bike is a little shaky on fast down hills with the trailer and feels a little funky after quick swerves (like to avoid rain gutters with out being in the road for too long) but over all feels pretty good. I’m a lot more confident this time around and hope to make it at least back to MA with out having any more major set backs.

I’m hoping to make it to DC by the 10th but this is looking pretty unrealistic. Some of my friends bands are playing there that night, so it’d be great to be able to see them there but from my rough calculations I’d have to go about 85 miles per day to make it there if I have 2 rest days, or 65 miles a day if I don’t rest at all. Both of those are probably at my limits right now, so its good incentive to ride hard, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably be able to know if I can make it there in time after my first day of riding.

Its time for sleep now though. Check back in the morning for more exciting posts.

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  1. Wow that sounds like a lot of hard work but i have faith in you. Good luck in making it to DC in time.

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