Salling Clicker

Salling Clicker is a program which allows you to control your Mac via a Bluetooth enabled device. You can control iTunes, all of the popular Video programs, the mouse, put the system to sleep, read your instant messages from Adium, the list goes on and on. I initially tried out the demo with my Treo 650 and bought it ($20) after using it for only 20 minutes. The one feature that this program has, but doesn’t work with Palm devices (due to their lack of ability to multitask) is the proximity function. This function can set your Instant Messenger client to away when your phone is no longer within range and pause your iTunes. This was actually the feature that turned me on to this program, but all of the other features are what got me to buy it. Two of the other really nice features of this program are that it will pause your iTunes when you get a call, and when displaying the current song that iTunes is playing, on my phone it will actually show the ablum art I have associated with that song. This program is definatly worth the money, so check out the demo at

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