Treo 650 Voicemail Updater

Recently my Treo 650 has been acting up in respect to Voice mail. A few weeks ago it forgot the number to dial for voicemail (which I simply reset to my cell phone number when prompted), but then today this number became corrupted and I couldn’t find anywhere in the phone to reset it. So after googling around for a short while I found this site:

Here I found that if you had any of the following problems, there was an update for you (I had experienced two of them).

  • You can’t access voicemail
  • You’re connected with an unrelated long distance operator instead of voicemail
  • You are prompted to enter your voicemail number after the Treo 650 resets itself
  • You may have requested Cingular Wireless to send an over-the-air (OTA) message to reset your voicemail number, and it may have worked for a short period but then become corrupted or erased again.

You should install this update if:

After following the instructions found on that site my phone now recognizes that it is running the Treo650-1.04-CNG software, and my voicemail works again!

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